Responsibility for energy and environment

Engineering the weather. Inside and outside.

New solar thermal collector range

Hoval is launching its first ever solar thermal collectors on the market – products that have not only been developed in-house, but are also produced at the company's plant in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The UltraSol product range is a Hoval innovation with top quality, maximum efficiency and easy installation system.

Hoval products in your country

Hoval products for heating and air conditioning solutions are available in more than 50 countries. So why not pay a visit to the Hoval website and find out about Hoval in your country. There's lots to find out about including the experts we work with as well as our extensive range of products.

We love technology

Here at Hoval, our employees have a passion for high-tech solutions. Especially if they work in harmony with the world around us. So Hoval's guiding principle of responsibility for energy and environment is what drives the people who work here. You too can experience this passion. Get to know about our commitment to our cause.


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