Three as one

The Hoval Group Management consists of Peter Gerner, Fabian Frick and Richard Senti, a team of three which has formed the spearhead of operational management at the Hoval Group since April 2003.  In addition to joint management of the Group with its 16 subsidiaries and 50 partners worldwide, each heads one of the Group's core divisions Heating Technology, Climate Technology and Finance and Services. 

Peter Gerner, (1967)


Peter Gerner (with Hoval since 1996) is CEO of the Heating Technology division, which comprises all corporate areas from Research & Development to Sales. With a full range of products, Heating Technology offers solutions for all needs – no matter which energy source and heat output is required. He is also responsible for expansion of the traditional core markets (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom) within the Group.

Fabian Frick, (1969)


Fabian Frick (with Hoval since 2001) is CEO of the Climate Technology division, which comprises all corporate areas from Research & Development to Sales. Solutions for supply and extract air handling, heating and cooling of large-scale installations and heat recovery are the core activities of the Climate Technology division. Expansion with Hoval subsidiaries and through cooperation with Hoval sales partners in new markets worldwide round off his field of responsibility in the areas of both Heating and Climate Technology. 

Richard Senti, (1964)


Richard Senti (with Hoval since 2003) is CFO, the head of the Finance & Services division. His responsibilities include financing with controlling and treasury, personnel, information technology, quality, risk and building management and the  tax and legal department. In this function, he provides fundamental support for his colleagues in their activities. 

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