5 Hoval heating tips for saving energy

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With a few easy tips, you can sustainably reduce your own energy consumption and your heating costs at the same time. So do something good for the environment as well as your wallet.
We destroy huge amounts of energy resources daily without thinking about the effects. It might surprise you to hear that the heating costs of an average household amount to around 70 percent of the entire energy consumption - there is an enormous potential for savings here.

Here is an overview of our heating tips for saving energy:   

  • Lower the room temperature by one degree
  • Vent radiators
  • In winter, air out a room in 5-minute bursts instead of leaving a window cracked
  • Check thermal insulation
  • Be smart when buying a heater

1) Keep it down: Lower the temperature by a degree

In many households, the rooms are overheated. Lowering the room temperature by just one degree reduces energy consumption by five to six percent. The ideal temperature in living rooms is 20 to 23 degrees Celsius. However, 17 to 20 degrees is enough for bedrooms. Programmable thermostats can be used to help monitor temperatures. They make it possible to automatically lower the temperature overnight. If a thermostat is already attached to the heater, do not turn it all the way up.

2) Keep it going: Regularly vent radiators

Your heater needs consistent maintenance. This is the only way to ensure all the heat is emitted into the room. At the latest when the radiator is no longer warm even though the thermostat is turned all the way up, it is time to vent it. All you need is a ventilation key (available in hardware stores), a bucket and a towel. This process is not quite as simple with underfloor heating. Yes, you read that right - this type of heating also has to be vented regularly. However, we recommend having your heating vented by an experienced heating installer.

3) Keep it fresh: Air out a room in short, intense bursts instead of cracking a window

Fresh air is especially important in your house or flat in winter since the air in the rooms is usually dry. Due to the low temperatures, airing out should be done as quickly as possible by completely opening a window. Cracking a window causes the room to lose heat over time. Airing out a room 2-3 times daily for a few minutes is therefore recommended in the winter months. The rule of thumb: The warmer it is outside, the longer the window can be kept open when airing out a room.

4) Keep it warm: Insulating and heating

Good insulation is needed to first heat up a home, then keep the heat in. Tests with thermal imaging cameras show exactly where heat escapes and where work is needed. You can test and replace window sealings on your own - it's simple. To do so, place a piece of paper in the lower frame when the window is open. Then close the window. If you can pull out the sheet without resistance, the window may not be airtight. New sealing strips can be used to fix this.


5) Keep it modern: Be smart when buying heaters

An old heater often turns out to be an energy and money guzzler. Investing in the modernisation of your heating system can therefore protect the environment and your wallet. A modern heater is both good for the environment and lower costs if the heating system is perfectly adapted to your home and your specific habits. A family has different heating needs than a working couple without children. Hoval has a wide selection of heating solutions and would be happy to help you buy your next heater.

Patrik Woerz

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