Comfort ventilation: just a hype or absolute necessity?

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Hardly any new residential building can do without controlled ventilation: As a rule, new buildings are so well insulated for energy reasons that there is no spontaneous exchange of air. However, comfort ventilation also makes sense for existing houses.

Basic question: If the goal is to save energy, why should another consumer of electricity have to be installed in the apartment or house along with the comfort ventilation?

Simple answer: A controlled ventilation system constantly replaces the stale air with new air. The unit recovers the heat from the exhaust air and transfers it to the fresh air. The windows no longer need to be opened in order to receive fresh air. In addition to heat, Hoval HomeVent® comfort ventilation units transfer moisture from the stale to the new air. This saves many times the amount of energy required for ventilation. Consumption and thus the costs for heating and ventilation are reduced – while quality of life and comfort increase:

  • Constant fresh air – even with closed windows.
  • Harmful fine dust and pollen get caught in the ventilation filter. People with allergies can breathe freely and without difficulty.
  • Mosquitoes and other insects, as well as the noise of road traffic, remain outside.
  • No more draughts blowing through the house or apartment due to open windows.
  • In winter, the warmth of the room heating system is no longer wasted – saving energy.

Humidity is also important

The HomeVent® comfort ventilation system also regulates moisture – which further reduces energy consumption. Humidity sensors ensure that the relative humidity remains constantly within the comfort range between 40 and 60%:

  • The mucous membranes do not dry out in winter. Fewer influenza viruses and pathogenic bacteria can accumulate.
  • Hair and synthetic clothing no longer have a static charge.
  • The mirror in the bathroom doesn't fog up anymore.
  • Parquet floors, wooden furniture and musical instruments made of wood retain their value thanks to stable humidity.
The danger of mildew is eliminated.

Odours disappear immediately

The HomeVent® comfort ventilation system from Hoval can do even more: Odour sensors report when there is a smell. The device removes these odours immediately, for example from the kitchen or bathroom, so they cannot spread or settle. And when guests are celebrating in the house or apartment, the air never gets thick enough to cut.

The performance comes from the cabinet


The new HomeVent® comfort FRT units, available in three performance classes, fit into a wall-mounted cabinet manufactured in accordance with EU standards. And they can be controlled by the same system as the Hoval heater, which supplies heat for rooms and domestic hot water. The room control unit displays everything important at a glance – even the weather forecast for tomorrow. A HovalApp is also available for the smartphone: When you're on the move, simply turn up the comfort ventilation or heating for a few a short time – that takes just a matter of seconds. Whatever happens, the room temperature at home will always be pleasant – and the air is clean.

Patrik Woerz
Segment Manager Domestic Ventilation

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