Advantages of Ductless Production Hall - case study

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This is a place of flying swarf. Here, things can get rather hot and – sometimes – smoky. The air can also get polluted with oil mist. The employees of Edi Hofstetter AG in the Swiss municipality of Benken manufacture tools and machinery. They also carry out machining on parts weighing up to 20 tonnes.

The renovation of the heating system (an air heater) provided the perfect opportunity to improve the climate at the production hall at the same time: in future, the hall (covering an area of almost 4000 m3) was to be both heated and cooled. Not only that, but the company also wanted a solution based on a renewable source of energy – and one that could be expanded as required.

In conjunction with the planner, Hoval suggested installing a RoofVent® LKW-9/DN 5 indoor climate unit plus two heat pumps. 

Ventilation units RoofVent

The system has an air capacity of 7000 m3/h and a maximum heating and cooling capacity of 63 and 56 kW respectively. The RoofVent® is equipped with two add-on control devices and sound absorbers for the external and outgoing air – the production hall is adjacent to a residential zone. The unit is oil-tight and there is a special evaporator with four rows of pipes for the cooling and heating functions.

The indoor climate inside the production hall has improved significantly. The requirements stipulated for the air quality in terms of temperature, odour and mist have been clearly achieved. And the heat and cooling energy – which is generated in an environmentally friendly manner – gets reused multiple times.

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Loris Basso

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