Efficient hospital heating

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Do You manage the health care building? Looking for savings? This case study is for You. Learn how to achieve annual savings of 135,000 euros.

Rampton Hospital near Retford in the county of Nottinghamshire is to get a new energy centre this year. The new system is expected to deliver annual savings of 112,000 British pounds. This equates to around 165,000 Swiss francs or 135,000 euros. Hoval equipment covers peak loads.

A hospital doesn’t just need a continual supply of heat, it also demands total reliability. Rampton Hospital requires a very high level of performance: the site has around 1900 employees who take care of mentally ill patients. The hospital is one of three high-security hospitals in England. 

Three Hoval SR-Plus steel boilers…

Three Hoval SR-Plus steel boilers, each with an output of 1500 kW, have been specified for use in the new energy centre, which international company Cofely will construct this year and then be responsible for its operation. The burners will work with both gas and oil to ensure continuous provision in the event that the gas supply is interrupted. The use of a buffer storage tank with a capacity of 30,000 litres is also envisaged. 

SR-plus boiler

Cofely is also installing a combined heat and power plant with a biomass boiler in the energy centre. The current hot water system, based on high temperatures of 115°C, is to make way for a local heating system with low temperatures of 90°C. This will increase both efficiency and safety.

… complete the combined heat and power plant 

The three Hoval boilers, which like the buffer storage tank are to be manufactured in Lincoln in the United Kingdom, complete the combined heat and power plant and will cover peak loads. The buffer storage tank will ensure that enough hot water will be available at all times. This will enable the hospital to efficiently tap into the different heat sources – and save a six-figure sum every year. Paul Rawson, Energy Services Director for Cofely in the United Kingdom commented:

 “The new energy centre will provide Rampton Hospital with a more efficient, reliable and responsive energy infrastructure that will deliver guaranteed savings with a fast return on investment.” 

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