Does your heating need some care and attention?

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Winter is coming to an end, the days are getting longer and warmer, and your heating is on less – now is the perfect time for a service. A regular service reduces your energy consumption and ensures that your heating will keep you nice and warm again next winter without problems.

In the winter months, your heating works really hard. This can lead to a build-up of dirt, which reduces the efficiency of your system. Even slight deposits and inaccurate settings can adversely affect operation and increase energy consumption, which in turn, leads to unnecessary costs. This is why you should consider a service when spring arrives.

Regular servicing pays for itself several times over

It goes without saying that you would book your car into the garage for a full service at regular intervals. However, a heating system is often neglected and left to its fate. Over many operating hours, just like a car, the heating system will be subjected to wear, deposits and changes to settings. So a regular service of the system is extremely important. The specialist will assess the state of the heating system and inform the house owner of any possible problems or faults in good time – before a repair is no longer possible and the system has to be replaced completely. This prevents high costs, which you may not have included in your budget.

Regular servicing of the system means that you can be confident it will run reliably when the weather turns cold again. It also increases the boilers useful life, the system will retain its value and your investment will continue to pay off over several years.

A heating service: What does it involve?


The Hoval specialist visits your house to check the state of your heating and carries out any necessary work, for example:

  • Checking the safety and operating equipment such as safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, siphon and pressure controls.
  • Cleaning the dirt traps, filters, grills, drip trays, etc.
  • Venting the system and adding water if required.
  • Carrying out a visual check.
  • Performing a plausibility check for sensors, thermometers, operating hours, number of start/stops, etc.
  • Ensuring the heating system is ready for the next heating season.

Hoval worry-free service contract

With a Hoval service contract you benefit from all the advantages of a regularly serviced heating system. A team of 450 employees across Switzerland, Austria and Germany ensure that your system holds its value and is energy-efficient. Our specialists will adjust your heating system exactly to the local conditions.

By servicing your heating regularly, you also keep your warranty valid.

Eduard Schmal

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