How does technology change the heating?

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The existing heating of buildings, their control and management, the cost of fuel consumption and other related aspects have just undergone massive changes. These changes bring many benefits to both end users in the form of real savings in their wallets, installation firms, making installation and monitoring of serviced devices easier for them, and finally, they have a positive impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. 

Universal access to the Internet and the latest technologies has been fully capitalized in the latest generation of Hoval devices - the Swiss producer of heating and ventilation systems. Regardless of whether we use heat pumps, solar energy system or heat up water, each device is operated by the same intuitive controller with the use of an elegant wall-mounted touch panel or smartphone.

Just brilliantly simple

In order to explain the simplicity of the New generation it should be compared to Lego bricks - boilers, heat pumps, solar energy systems and systems for hot water production can be combined with each other so they can all be controlled from a single panel. Thanks to this modular concept, adaptations and extensions are possible at any time, including connection with the existing control systems in the buildings. Forget about several controllers working separately - now all devices work for one specific purpose - to be as economical and ecological as possible.  

Wise and economical

How many times have you left for vacation, or simply gone to work, and your heating kept operating at full steam? With the New generation you can forget about setting your thermostat, it will do it for you, adjusting to your daily routine. What's more, do you know how much you can save if your controller, thanks to Internet connectivity, will download  the weather forecast and adapt itself  to the dynamically changing weather conditions. Thanks to this feature alone, your bills will be reduced each year.

The Control panel and panel on the computer's screen provides you with constant information and performs analysis of fuel consumption, so you will have an insight into how energy efficient you are.  

New generation

Always reliable

The New generation independently detects the need for maintenance in advance and signals it on all possible devices, including your smartphone. Also service technician are automatically notified.  This allows the malfunctions to be identified early and the maintenance can be planned better. Minor faults may even be repaired directly from a computer. 

And finally - ecological...

The New generation is the most energy efficient in its class. With the features of adapting to the weather and to the users' lifestyles, all devices reduce fuel consumption, and hence, reduce the CO2 emissions. The New generation confirms the consistent execution of the mission of the Liechtenstein producer: We are responsible for energy and environment.

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Martin Köb
Product Manager SRS

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