RoofVent® and TopVent® with heat pump, the energy-saving champions

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Decentralised systems for ventilation, heating and cooling large halls have proved themselves in practical applications alongside centralised systems due to their excellent ability to adapt to the many and varied prevailing ventilation requirements. Hoval has been manufacturing decentralised climate units for 40 years. From the very beginning, efficient energy consumption has been the guiding principle for the development of every generation of our units.

The proven RoofVent® supply and extract air handling units with air flow rates of 5500 m³/h (size 6) and 8000 m³/h (size 9) have undergone further development. The optional integration of reversible heat pumps will now enable them to operate as autonomous function units. The pumps use the air buffer storage tank with a COP value of 4.09 for heating and an EER value of 3.77 for cooling.

The same heat pump model is available as an option for the TopVent® recirculation range with sizes 6 (6000 m³/h) and 9 (9000 m³/h).

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Tobias Brugger

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