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Today, many companies place great value on energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly production methods – both as a matter of principle and in order to meet the legal requirements with respect to environmental compatibility and healthy working conditions.

Using the ProcessVent system solutions offers enormous scope in this respect: when combined with an extract air purification system, it not only cleans the exhaust air from the machinery, it also transfers the heat from this exhaust air to the supplied fresh air. As a result, Hoval’s ProcessVent unit, together with an extract air purification system, reduces emissions, creates a healthy indoor work climate and at the same time significantly reduces operating costs (savings of up to 98% on heating bills are possible). Environmental protection pays off for companies using ProcessVent. Under certain conditions, it is possible to receive funding from BAFA (funding for cross-sectional technologies).

The ProcessVent unit is used to recover heat from sources such as process air, and supply fresh air to halls containing machine tools or welding plants. The extract air from the machine tools is removed via an extract air purification plant. This humid, warm air is conducted outside as exhaust air after being purified via the oil-tight plate heat exchanger; the heat energy in this exhaust air is then transferred to the supply air. As an option, the units can also be equipped with heating/cooling coils for supplemental heating or cooling of the supply air. As both components (ProcessVent and extract air purification) are perfectly coordinated with each other, an even air balance is ensured in the hall, coupled with pleasant conditions in the working area and high levels energy efficiency. The results are happy workers, cost savings and an active contribution to environmental protection – all through the use of a single complete system. 


Potential for savings

Savings made at a prestigious manufacturer of medical engineering products using heat recovery (HR) with ProcessVent (air flow rate 10 000 m³/h):

Ventilation heat requirement without HR 96 808 kWh/a
Ventilation heat requirement with HR from process air 11 613 kWh/a
Energy savings 88%
Annual cost savings € 5 112
Payback 3 years
Cash value in 15 years € 67 622

The company renovated the ventilation system in a production area containing belt sanders:

2 wet separators with an air flow rate of 5 000 m³/h each purify the exhaust air from the machinery.

1 ProcessVent unit ventilates the production hall, recovers the heat from the extract air, heats and cools – depending on what is required. The air quantity is regulated based on the operating state of the two wet separators. If the extract air purification system is switched off, the unit runs in recirculation mode.

Stefan Kuch

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