Gas boiler: Save energy with an annual professional check

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Set up annual inspections for your gas boiler by a certified professional – ideally before the heating season begins. A clean and adjusted gas boiler avoids heating failure and saves energy.

In our climate, a heating system can work for at least eight months. The annual maintenance of the central heating by a professional extends its life. Your gas boiler will run more smoothly and burn less fuel. Especially after a few months break, your heating will benefit from the inspection by an authorized manufacturer's service technician – ideally before the start of the heating season. 

Identify defects of your gas boiler early on and save money

A faulty heating system endangers your safety and emits larger amounts of pollutants. Years of neglect can result in a gas leak or settlement of sludge inside the gas boiler. The sooner you identify minor defects, the cheaper the gas boiler’s repair becomes.

heating costs

If you set up an annual gas boiler inspection by an expert, you can save energy costs.

Gas boiler inspection: task only authorized service technicians

Gas boilers are complex devices with precisely adjusted and tailored components. We highly recommend tasking a professional with its inspection – meaning either a certified expert or a service technician who is authorized by the manufacturer. If you conclude a service agreement, you can benefit from an extension of the warranty or discounts for post-warranty maintenance.

The seven most important steps of gas boiler maintenance

1.    Warranty card and previous protocols: Provide the service technician with the gas boiler documentation and inform him of irregularities and problems.
2.    Clean water filters and gas filter: The service technician needs to check the water filters and the gas filter and clean them if necessary.
3.    Heat exchanger: It is very important to clean the heat exchanger. Sediment, sintered fuel and tar substances usually collect there and should be removed carefully.
4.    Gas burner: The gas burner must be dismantled, cleaned and mounted in the correct position; ignition electrodes and electrode ionization should also be controlled.
5.    Circulation pump: If the circulation pump is blocked, the service technician will unlock the rotor. Alternatively, he can clean or replace the circulation pump.
6.    Expansion vessel: The pressure of the gas cushion and the connection between the vessel and the installation have to be checked.
7.    Sensors and cable connectors: The service technician should check all the sensors and the tightness of the cable connectors in the housing. In gas boilers with an open combustion chamber the sensor protecting against backdraft of exhaust gases has to be controlled.
8.    Protocol: Request a protocol of the inspection in which all the activities conducted by the service technician are listed.

Chimney sweeper for the annual inspection of flues

Regardless of whether you have a coal, oil or gas boiler with a closed combustion chamber, you need a chimney sweeper for the annual inspection of smoke, flue and ventilation ducts. This inspection is compulsory and you cannot do it on your own. Don’t forget to demand an inspection and cleaning protocol.

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