The era of intelligent heating has come

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How do the new generation of boilers and heat pumps work to save our money and reduce CO2?

The weather can change from one minute to the next. What will it be like at noon or this evening? Hoval TopTronic® E doesn’t even have to ask – the new control technology already knows the forecast thanks to its Internet interface. It can, for example, adjust the condensing boiler in line with the weather forecast provided by MeteoNews. If it is still cold in the morning, it delivers heat. When it starts to warm up at around midday, the control technology reduces the output automatically and – crucially – at an early stage in accordance with the forecast conditions.
If the condensing boiler is combined with a solar system, the new control technology prioritises the solar system based on the predicted level of global solar radiation, thereby reducing gas or oil consumption. Hoval TopTronic® E can even take solar radiation into account, in the case of large south-facing window façades, with a view to achieving the optimum indoor climate.

In a nutshell: The new control technology automatically thinks for itself and thinks ahead. It networks all the components while considering external factors such as what the weather conditions are going to be like. This reduces energy consumption and increases comfort. According to whether users prioritise energy saving or comfort, they can adjust the settings steplessly on the heat generator control just as they would change the volume on their radio. 

Easy to operate

As well as the Hoval TopTronic® E control technology integrated into the heat generator, there is another control panel with an identical touchscreen that can be fitted into the living area.

The operating concept is self-explanatory. The start-up wizard begins by offering a choice of several languages before guiding the installer through the possible settings in a completely logical way. Working together with the end customer, the installer can choose from various start screens depending on the customer’s information and display preferences. If a heat meter is installed, a full overview is provided. In this case, the control panel shows the consumption data in the form of figures or graphs, as well as the solar heat generated (if a solar system is installed).

Users who want the key information at a glance can opt for a simple display. Meanwhile, those who are more technically minded are free to choose a control panel configuration that is more reminiscent of an electronic car cockpit. Whichever option they choose, all users have the entire heating system at their fingertips, including full control and a complete overview of the energy-saving data and their own comfort.

Heat on tap exactly when and where you want it

If the house is empty during the day, it does not need to be heated during this time. But when everyone comes home in the evening, it is lovely and warm and there is plenty of hot water for baths and showers. On Saturdays and Sundays, you may like to be kept cost and warm throughout the entire day. With this in mind, you can choose from the preset daily and weekly programs with just a few clicks. The daily programs represent typical daily routines but they can be quickly altered if your plans for the day change. Simply tap the touchscreen, enter the spur-of-the-moment time setting required and you’ll be warm before you know it.

The program can even be controlled from a distance via a smartphone app. The app is available for both iOS and Android phones (Windows version to be launched soon) and it relies on the same logic as the control panel at home in your living room.

If you have a holiday home, you can get the app to display the weather conditions at your destination and can turn up the heating before you set off by accessing it remotely. That way, the rooms will be nice and warm by the time you arrive. That’s how you combine energy-saving features with comfort and convenience. 

Adding an extra energy source? No problem: It can all be networked

About to modify your building? Or extend your house? This could be an opportunity to supplement your existing heating system with renewable energy sources. Hoval TopTronic® E can also be retrofitted to existing heat generators so that they can all communicate with each other.

The new control technology precisely coordinates the components and creates one overall system by linking them together: This brings energy savings of up to 15 per cent and reduces the ecological impact – in conjunction with the intelligent features for anticipating the weather and the custom heating times.

Already set for the smart grid

In the same way that the Hoval TopTronic® E thinks ahead in terms of the weather, it is also looking ahead to the future in terms of smart grids. A smart grid can automatically compensate for the undersupply or oversupply of electrical energy.

If, for example, it is in a position to distribute surplus (and, as a result, cheap) electricity that has been generated from solar or wind energy, it can switch the heat pump on via the Hoval TopTronic® E. This can then boost the water temperature from 50 to 60 degrees (for example) so that heat is “stockpiled” and remains available once the surplus has been used up and the cost of the electricity has risen again. This also means that users still have a reliable heat supply if there is an undersupply of electricity and the heat pump fails to kick in as a result. Whatever the situation, users can actively participate in the smart grid via the Hoval TopTronic® E control system and enjoy a more favourable tariff mix.

The traffic light that’s nearly always green

Despite their reliability, Hoval heating appliances still need servicing every now and again. The Hoval TopTronic® E control technology detects this in good time and indicates the level of urgency on the control panel and on your smartphone using a traffic light colour coding system. Consequently, the risk of waking up to a cold heating system is virtually zero. In any case, a Hoval engineer is never far away. To continue enjoying environmentally and climate-friendly heat generation that offers convenience and cost-effectiveness to boot, all you have to do is call. 

Martin Köb
Product Manager SRS

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