Heating technology. Diversity that inspires.


Soaking up the sun in the fresh Alpine air, quenching your thirst with mountain spring water or breathing in the clean, crisp air on a wooded path. We are inspired by the infinite possibilities for drawing strength from the Alps. This has motivated us to implement a variety of energy sources in our system solutions. Making them usable in a simple and environmentally-friendly way is our aim.

A consistent and complete product range.

Not all energy sources are available everywhere. A resource that is the best and most cost-efficient variant in one area may only be second choice somewhere else. Regardless of the desired energy source and the required heating power – Hoval has a fitting solution.

Drawing on its activities in research, development, production and sales, Hoval advises its customers from a neutral point of view and independent of the energy carrier. The Hoval spectrum of heat energy production methods covers all areas: solar energy, ambient heat, wood, gas and oil. Recommendations and solutions are specifically tailored to each individual situation. Customer needs and wishes are at the core of our efforts, including with regard to operating convenience.

Making comfort easy.

Hoval system technology simplifies the intelligent combination of different heating systems. This is important to ensure the perfect interplay of all system components, and thus to keep down energy consumption and operating costs. Perfectly matched components and units guarantee reliable operation and the sparing use of natural resources.

The Hoval system technology also provides simple mechanisms for the precise, comfortable and easy control of the entire system. Wherever it is needed – in single-person apartments or high-rises – comfortable warmth is at your fingertips. 

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