What can I do if my plant is offline or the connection keeps dropping out?

Is the HovalConnect app showing that your plant is “offline”? Does the connection to your plant keep dropping out? It can often be difficult to pinpoint the cause of problems like these, since they could be down to your Internet connection, your home network or – more rarely – HovalConnect. 

Problems with your Internet connection:
First check that you can open other webpages quickly and easily. If you cannot, please contact your Internet provider.

Problems with your WLAN:
Use your smartphone or a mobile computer (tablet or laptop) to test the strength of your WLAN signal right next to your HovalConnect gateway. If you have poor reception or none at all on the other device either (no bars or just one bar of WLAN signal strength), your WLAN signal is probably too weak to establish a stable connection. In this case, you should connect the gateway via a network cable or try using a repeater. Contact your network engineer (electrician) for assistance.

Problems with the HovalConnect gateway:
If you have already carefully checked the possible sources of error mentioned above, please restart the HovalConnect gateway. Do this by switching the gateway off and disconnecting the plug for approximately 30 seconds, before plugging it back in and switching the gateway on again. If this does not help either, please contact the HovalConnect service team at connect@hoval.com.

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