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That's how Hoval deals with the corona virus

The current situation surrounding corona virus is currently causing uncertainty worldwide. We would therefore like to inform you about the measures Hoval is taking to protect its customers, business partners and employees and how various scenarios are being dealt with.

The health of its employees while at the same time ensuring reliable availability for customers is a top priority for Hoval. For this reason, various measures have been developed to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The following measures have already been implemented at Hoval:

(adapted to the regulatory requirements applicable in each country)

  • Hoval employees have been informed in detail about hygiene measures (wash/disinfect hands, do not shake hands, cough/sneeze into the crook of your arm)  to prevent the spread of the virus. This is done by clear instructions, leaflets from the authorities and discussions within the teams.
  • Virucidal disinfectants for the hands are available to employees in all offices.
  • The wearing of hygiene masks at Hoval is obligatory specific to the regulations in each country, and the minimum distance must be strictly kept.
  • In order to protect employees, customers and business partners, the Hoval companies have introduced further individual protective measures to ensure the functionality of their plant. e.g. limited occupancy and increased cleaning frequency of all rooms, regular airing, measures for visitors.
  • Employees with symptoms stay at home and the cause must be clarified.
  • In case of infection, isolation/quarantine and contact tracing are carried out.
  • Hoval offers unrestricted operation in customer service even in the current situation: The service teams are still available for customers. Contact your local Hoval company in charge.
  • Our sales team is available on the phone, via e-mail and, if you wish, in a video meeting or in person. Contact your local Hoval company in charge.
  • Our logistics team is ready - we are available for supply and will take care of your orders!
  • A pandemic plan ensures that Hoval assesses the overall situation on a daily basis and can therefore react flexibly and quickly to any new situations.

Questions and answers

What hygiene measures have Hoval instructed its employees on?

Hoval employees are instructed to ensure regular and thorough hygiene of their hands by washing or disinfecting and to keep their distance from other people. Furthermore, they do not shake hands and the wearing of hygiene masks is obligatory specific to the regulations in each country. In addition, all employees are required to place themselves in self-quarantine even if the symptoms of the disease are only mild, in accordance with the information sheets of the authorities, and to refrain from being physically present in the office. Employees with symptoms of disease are not on site at Hoval.

I have made an appointment with a Hoval service technician – will this still take place?

Hoval is following the recommendations of the authorities, which ensures that an employee with symptoms is not on duty. With reliable operation in customer service, Hoval ensures that agreed appointments can take place. However, employees are advised to avoid shaking hands and close physical contact. If a customer does not wish to make use of the appointment due to the current situation, Hoval will be pleased to offer an alternative appointment.

Are the spare parts for my Hoval heating, cooling or ventilation system currently available?

Hoval's logistics management ensures that the availability of spare parts can be ensured over a long period of time. If there are any availability problems, Hoval will inform the customer in good time.

I have been tested positive of the corona virus / I am in official quarantine. My heating system has failed. Which actions should I take?

The health of the employees is a top priority at Hoval. At the same time, it is important to be able to offer a reliable service even in this outstanding situation. In case of illness, we ask our customers for confidence and transparency - this way we can ensure to find an individual solution for each customer and at the same time provide the best possible protection for Hoval employees.

External information

last updated: 05.07.2021