Climate World Moscow


Climate World is one of the most dynamically developing exhibitions and the biggest specialized HVAC&R events in the Eastern Europe. Besides, it is the only specialized international project of such a scale in Russia.

The main goal of Climate World is to promote advanced equipment and technologies, contributing to the development of the HVAC&R market. The exhibition provides all exhibitors and guests with an opportunity to achieve their goals: for the state authorities and commercial structures it is a great “first hand” information source, a platform where the current problems can be solved; for the manufacturers it is the shortest way to the market. 

Hoval: Pavillion 1, Number P3306


Expocentre Fairgrounds

Krasnopresenskaya nab. 14

123100 Moscow

Telefon: +7 (4)95 9256561
Fax: + 43 (1) 230 85 35-50
E-Mail: m.lattner@euroexpo-vienna.com



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