Information on temporary, preventative covering for the IDKM 250 roof collector system

Between 2009 and 2014, our range of products included IDKM 250 in-roof collectors, which we purchased from Europe’s market leader for thermal solar collectors. These products comply with all applicable standards (such as EN 12975-1/-2, 2006-06) and possess all the necessary approvals.

Recently, it has come to our attention that the design of this collector type can, in extremely rare cases (primarily when high stagnation temperatures are present), result in the material undergoing gradual changes caused by heat. These subtle changes may create favourable conditions for the carrier frame igniting, with the resulting flames potentially spreading to the roof.

As a responsible company, we make every effort to use products that are in perfect working order. We want to eliminate any possibility of risks to safety arising, even if they are considered highly unlikely. For this reason, we believe it is essential to enlist the services of a specialist company that will cover the collector systems temporarily. This covering work is an emergency preventative measure. It is important that the systems carry on working around the clock without any interruptions until the covering work is carried out. This means that they must not be switched off, as doing so would increase the stagnation temperature. It is also essential to ensure that the systems remain switched on even in the event of absences due to holidays.

We will provide more information soon about any further steps that are being taken and what action will need to take place in order to provide a permanent solution. We are extremely keen to ensure that this work takes place promptly and with minimum red tape.

Who is affected?
Customers who are affected will be informed by way of correspondence addressed to them personally.

Where can I find out more?
If you have any questions about the temporary covering measure, please contact our hotline during our hours of business. Below are the hotline numbers for each country:

Switzerland (German)           044 925 61 80
Switzerland (French)             021 633 28 80
Switzerland (Italian)               091 610 44 99
Germany                                089 / 922097-0
Austria                                    050 365 5545
Italy                                        800450060
Other countries                      00423 399 24 00

The following email address may be used for enquiries in writing:


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