Air-conditioning for halls – more efficient than ever before

Hoval expands its range of decentralised indoor climate units and presents a new generation of its RoofVent® product family at the ISH. The unit provides demand-led ventilation depending on the air quality, recovers up to 84 % of the heat from the extract air and can be equipped with indirect adiabatic cooling as an option.

As specialists for intelligent indoor climate control solutions, Hoval has been developing and producing innovative ventilation, heating and cooling systems with minimum energy consumption for halls for more than 40 years. Indoor climate systems from Hoval are special because they are decentralised – they comprise several indoor climate units, which may be of different types, combined to produce the optimum complete solution tailored to the requirements of the specific project. This guarantees maximum flexibility in planning, operation and maintenance.

Energy- and environment-oriented

Conservation of energy and the protection of the environment are top priorities for Hoval. And so the new generation of RoofVent® supply and extract air handling units was developed with particular attention to sustainability and conservation of natural resources:

  • The new units are equipped with high-performance plate heat exchangers with which they reach heat recovery efficiencies of up to 84 % (energy efficiency class H1).
  • High-efficiency EC fans ensure a low specific fan power (SFP value) of less than 2 kW/m³s.
  • The fan speed is infinitely variable. The airflow is adapted continuously to current requirements, which means that energy consumption is kept to a minimum.
  • The new roof unit has large inspection openings and a double-shelled design, making cleaning quick and easy. In addition, the double shell minimises thermal bridges, ensures high stability and thus reliable operation.
  • As an option, the units can even be equipped with an ecological, indirect adiabatic cooling system: The extract air flow is humidified and thus cooled; via the plate heat exchanger, the cooling energy is transferred to the supply air fed into the room.

 Capacity-optimised control

The state-of-the-art control system reliably ensures optimum use of resources and thus extremely low operating costs. It uses a patented control algorithm; continuous energy monitoring provides information on the energy recovered in the plate heat exchanger. With the help of conventional communication protocols such as BacNet, LON or Modbus, the system can be easily integrated into a higher-level building management system.

The new generation RoofVent® units reach highest levels of efficiency and comply with all current directives and standards. They fulfil the stipulations of the EnEV 2014 Energy Saving Regulation – giving planners, installers and operators peace of mind and, last but not least, ensuring a positive climate balance.

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