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Hoval Belaria® pro: the heat pump that looks to the future

Technology and ecology are set to complement one another to a much greater extent over the coming years. For example, the fact that bees are becoming ever rarer is forcing scientists to give serious consideration to alternative ways of pollinating plants. In the future, little electronic versions could be added to a swarm of bees, where they could help their natural counterparts with their work. Hoval too is looking to technological innovations and pioneering solutions which work even more closely with nature. Take, for example, the new Hoval Belaria® pro air/water heat pump with its monoblock design.

Versatile operation

The technology of tomorrow needs to protect nature – which is why legal requirements regarding heating are becoming ever stricter. The new Belaria® pro Hoval air/water heat pump pre-empts this technological shift and already meets the environmental legislation of tomorrow, as it uses a natural and environmentally friendly refrigerant.

The Belaria® pro is also versatile in terms of the two design versions that are available: the compact design has an integrated domestic water and buffer storage tank. This saves space as an additional storage tank is not required. The comfort design, on the other hand, impresses thanks to its compact indoor unit which can be mounted on the wall and optionally combined with a hot water storage tank. Both versions are controlled by the TopTronic® E and feature a built-in cooling function, meaning that the heat pumps provide cooling and a pleasant indoor climate in the summer.

Both comfort and compact versions can be integrated into an existing heating system incredibly well. With the HovalConnect package of extras, the heat pump can be connected to the internet and controlled via a smartphone or computer.In every other respect too, the new Hoval Belaria® pro represents a forward-looking choice for owners of properties housing one or two families. It is the ideal option both for new buildings and for carrying out cost-effective renovations on older buildings.

“In addition to modern underfloor heating systems, the Belaria® pro is also able to supply heat to conventional radiators,” says Kevin Allenspach, Product Manager for Heat Pumps and Solar, Hoval Group. “When it comes to renovating older buildings, existing radiators can therefore be reused, saving on costs.”

Quiet and economical

The work itself is carried out by the outdoor unit of the new Belaria® pro air/water heat pump. And it all takes place almost silently outside the building. The infinitely variable adjustment of output to demand, known as modulation, also ensures quiet operation. Hardworking, efficient and as quiet as the bees as they collect their pollen, the Belaria® pro obtains clean heating energy from the air. So residents can continue to enjoy the tranquility of the garden and keep the peace with the neighbours.

Featuring energy efficiency class A+++, the new Belaria® pro is also exceptionally economical. Thanks to its high-quality components and TopTronic® E controller, it is able to optimise both heating and cooling. As it is connected to the internet, it even takes weather forecasts into account and adapts how it operates to the current weather data.

Easy to install

Both the indoor and outdoor units of the Belaria® pro come ready for connection. The two are connected by a line containing the domestic hot water that has been heated up. Compact dimensions make transport easy. The standardised TopTronic® E controller means virtually any combination of Hoval products can be turned into systems in no time.

Both design versions of the Belaria® pro air/water heat pump can be ordered now and will be available from summer 2020.

Images / preview:

Caption: The new Hoval Belaria® pro is available in two versions.
Image credit: © Hoval
Caption: In the future, little electronic versions could be added to a swarm of bees, where they could help their natural counterparts with their work. The new Hoval Belaria® pro is also looking to technological innovations which work even more closely with nature.
Image credit: © Hoval
Caption: The new Hoval Belaria® pro blends in perfectly with the environment. 
Image credit: © Hoval
Caption: The new Hoval Belaria® pro is ideal for renovation projects. 
Image credit: © Hoval

About Hoval:

As a specialist in heating and climate technology, Hoval is your experienced partner for system solutions. For example, you can heat water with the sun’s energy and your rooms with oil, gas, wood or a heat pump. Hoval ties together the various technologies and also integrates room ventilation into the system. You can be sure of saving both energy and costs while protecting the environment.

Hoval is one of the leading international companies for indoor climate solutions. More than 75 years of experience continuously motivate us to design innovative system solutions. We export complete systems for heating, cooling and ventilation to more than 50 countries.

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. Energy efficiency is at the heart of the heating and ventilation systems we design and develop.

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