HomeVent® comfort ventilation: new compactness, new flexibility

Controlled ventilation of rooms makes life more pleasant and saves heating costs. The new generation of HomeVent® comfort ventilation now also makes the work of planners and installers even easier.

Fresh air brings in new flexibility: The four ventilation ports for fresh air, supply air, outgoing air and exhaust air are all fitted on top of the new HomeVent® comfort FRT units. This means that the units can be placed directly on the floor, as they no longer have ventilation ducts at the bottom, or they can be placed on the wall as before. This also works the other way round: If you do not want to run air ducts in the ceiling but in the floor instead, simply place the Hoval comfort ventilation unit so that the four ventilation ports face downwards.

High performance in cabinet width

But Hoval would not be Hoval if we did not offer more than this flexibility. With its width of only 560 mm, the HomeVent® comfort FRT ventilation unit fits into a built-in cabinet constructed in accordance with EU standards. This means there is no need for a technical room, even for the powerful HomeVent® comfort FRT (451). It can also be brought into the building without great effort: Compared to the previous HomeVent® comfort FR (500), the almost equally powerful FRT (451) weighs more than 90 kg less – at just 39 kg. Powerful fans make this uniquely lightweight compactness possible and unmatched elsewhere in the market. And this compactness also allows the user to change the filter himself/herself.

Sound insulation with special "twist"

A further Hoval exclusivity can be found in the sound insulation, which is fitted as a box on the HomeVent® comfort FRT comfort ventilation: Depending on the spatial and local conditions, the ventilation ports for outside air, supply air, outgoing air and exhaust air must be arranged differently on the top of the unit – this prevents any mutual interference between the drawing in of fresh outside air and the output of stale outgoing air. Hoval therefore routes the ventilation ducts through the sound insulation box as required – it is available in three different versions. The box makes the HomeVent® comfort FRT even more flexible, while the device itself always remains the same.

A single control unit for everything

The HomeVent® comfort FRT room ventilation system can be controlled by the same system as the Hoval heater, which supplies heat for rooms and domestic hot water. The room control unit with its touch-sensitive display shows everything important at a glance. In addition, there is now the HovalApp for the smartphone, for iOS and Android. When you're on the move, simply adjust the comfort ventilation or heating 2 / 4 for a few a short time – that takes just a matter of seconds.
Hoval has also further improved the odour sensors for the latest generation of the HomeVent® comfort ventilation. If, for example, you are busy cooking or if a hearty dish is on the table, the odours will be removed even more quickly.
The new generation of HomeVent® comfort FRT units is available in three performance classes: the HomeVent® comfort FRT (251) circulates up to 250 m3 of air per hour in single-family homes, the medium model up to 350 and the most powerful, designed for villas and commercial buildings, up to 450 m3 .


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HomeVent-comfort-FRT351 (1)
Picture: HomeVent-comfort-FRT351.jpg
The four ventilation ports for fresh air, supply air, outgoing air and exhaust air are all fitted on top of the new HomeVent® comfort FRT units.
HomeVent_comfort_FRR351_Einbau (1)
Picture: HomeVent_comfort_FRR351_Einbau.jpg
With its width of only 560 mm, the HomeVent® comfort FRT ventilation unit fits into a built-in cabinet constructed in accordance with EU standards.

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The Hoval brand is internationally recognised as one of the leading suppliers of heating and indoor climate control solutions. Hoval can rely on over 70 years of experience and a closeknit team culture to offer exciting solutions and technically superior developments. This leadership role requires a sense of responsibility for energy and the environment, which is expressed in an intelligent combination of a wide range of heating technology and customised indoor climate control solutions. Hoval also provides personal consultation and comprehensive customer service.
Hoval has around 1800 employees at 17 companies within the group, functioning as a large family that thinks and acts globally. Hoval heating and indoor climate control solutions are currently exported to over 50 countries.

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