Heat all wrapped up in a neat package: A heat pump that boasts quiet operation, saves on space and is a real looker.

Hoval installed its first heat pump in 1975. Its new Hoval UltraSource® model reflects over 40 years of experience in the field. This highly efficient heat pump for single-family homes now comes in an even smaller size – and it’s beautifully packaged too.

The UltraSource® heat pump draws heat from the air, ground or water. In cases where energy is being obtained from the air, the UltraSource® requires an exterior unit in addition to the interior one. Exterior units of this kind are generally installed in the garden. A fan located in the exterior unit then draws in the air as a source of energy.

Exceptionally quiet operation

The UltraSource® puts an end to the preconception that heat pumps are noisy. Hoval has compared the noise produced by the exterior units of various air-to-water heat pumps, and found that the noise level produced by the UltraSource® is one of the lowest in its performance class.

The interior units are no exception when it comes to extremely quiet operation, and continually adapt their output exactly as needed to suit heat requirements at any given time – a process that specialists call modulating. In a nutshell, the UltraSource® is so quiet that you don’t even have to consign it to the cellar – it can fit happily into a games room or utility room.

Exceptional performance, outstanding effects

The efficiency delivered by the UltraSource® heat pump is among the highest in its performance class. The secret lies in the sophisticated Hoval technology, which has undergone continual development over the years.

Shortage of space? No problem

Do you have a narrow staircase or a cramped hallway? That’s not a problem for the UltraSource®. Its compact size – resembling a small cabinet – means it is easy to integrate and takes up hardly any space. And even more space can be saved if the hot water storage tank is integrated into the heat pump, as the external storage tank is no longer needed in this case. Not only that, but the unit can also be placed directly in a corner thanks to appropriately positioned connectors that are flexible for installers to handle.

The design that doesn’t have to hide itself away

The UltraSource® interior unit looks almost like a piece of furniture. And the exterior unit of this air-to-water heat pump scores real points for its appearance too – in fact, its slats lend it a similar aesthetic to a modern piece of garden furniture or part of a façade.

Sophisticated regulation reduces costs

The system regulating the UltraSource® is so sophisticated that it even results in lower operating costs. Other Hoval products can be also incorporated into the regulation system, such as thermal solar collectors and a residential ventilation system. Even photovoltaics can be integrated so that the UltraSource® can take advantage of solar power.

This regulation system contributes directly to a solution that functions as an overall system, with every component working in perfect harmony and complementing one another – and achieving better energy efficiency as a result. It’s an easy way to enjoy comfortably warm rooms while at the same time leaving less impact on the environment, and your own wallet.


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Image: Hoval-UltraSource_Ausseneinheit.jpg

Modern design and extremely quiet: with its slats feature, the exterior unit of the UltraSource® in particular resembles part of a façade. It also runs extremely quietly.


Image: Hoval-UltraSource-B-T-comfort_Inneneinheit.jpg

Compact design: The interior unit of the UltraSource® requires hardly any installation space and fits happily into games rooms or utility rooms. 


Image: Hoval-UltraSource-B-T-compact_Inneneinheit.jpg

The UltraSource® interior unit is also available with an integrated hot water storage tank – making further space savings possible.

Hoval Group

Internationally, the Hoval brand is one of the leading companies for heating and room climate solutions. With more than 70 years of experience and a team culture with a family atmosphere, Hoval exceeds expectations time and time again with its extraordinary solutions and technically superior developments. This leading role obliges the company to take a responsible approach to energy and the environment, and it does so by intelligently combining different heating technologies and individual room climate solutions. Furthermore, personal consulting and extensive customer service are typical of the world of Hoval.

With about 1900 employees in 17 group companies worldwide, Hoval does not regard itself as a group but as a large family that thinks and acts globally. Hoval heating and room climate systems are exported to more than 50 countries nowadays.

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