Hoval expands UltraSource® heat pump range by adding extra performance classes

Vaduz, 17 June 2019. From 1 July onwards, extra performance classes for Hoval’s modulating UltraSource® heat pumps will be available on the market. This comes one year after the market launch and represents the company’s response to increasing demand from customers and partner installers.

The UltraSource® air heat pump model was already available as an 11 kW version and the ground heat pump model as a 13 kW version – but the new 8 kW and 17 kW performance classes are set to expand this existing range. “With its modulating system, the UltraSource® produces the exact amount of heat required for the building”, explains Stefan Müller, Head of Product Market Management (Heating Technology) at Hoval. “As a result, it is not only cheaper to run, it is also more sustainable and quieter than other heat pumps.”

The new 8 kW version uses the same evaporator surface as the 11 kW version. In contrast to the 11 kW heat pump, the 17 kW heat pump operates using a third U-shaped evaporator. Stefan Müller explains why the new performance classes are more effective: “The larger the evaporator surface per kilowatt output, the more efficient the air heat pump”. 

Blissfully quiet – inside and out

Air heat pumps are popular with builders because the outdoor unit required for heat gain is quick to install. Where noise emissions are concerned, the additional performance classes for the UltraSource® are setting new standards: at a distance of five metres from the outdoor unit, the sound pressure level of the 8 kW model in silent operation is only
20 dB(A), equivalent to the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze. The fan and the evaporator surface, both featuring generous dimensions, deliver outstanding performance while remaining extremely quiet.

Reflecting a growing trend in favour of buildings without cellars, something that has been developing for years now, many consumers have begun giving much more consideration to the amount of noise that is generated inside the home too. With a sound power level of approximately 42 to 45 dB(A), the indoor unit of the UltraSource® heat pump generates a similar level of noise to that of a commercial dishwasher while it is running. This means the unit is suitable for installing in the spare room or the utility room in any situation.

Supreme performance, low space requirements, reduced consumption

In situations where there is no space for a separate hot water tank or only a limited amount, the compact product version offers a practical solution with its integrated 200 litre tank. If stringent hygiene standards are required on top of that, the UltraSource® compact model offers the option of heating the water to 75 degrees Celsius, meeting the requirements for preventing the spread of legionella.

The A+++ energy efficiency class also testifies to the fact that the SmartGrid-enabled UltraSource® heat pump range boasts extremely low energy consumption.

Stefan Müller provides a neat summary: “The new performance classes allow us to respond even more flexibly to the heating and cooling requirements of our customers. Whether the application involves a single family home, a dual occupancy home, a single heat pump or a cascade, we will find the perfect solution together with our partner installers.”

The 10 UltraSource® heat pumps at a glance

Modulating heat pump system for heating and cooling

heat pumps
without hot water tank
UltraSource B®
comfort C (8)
UltraSource B®
comfort C (11)
UltraSource B®
comfort C (17)
with hot water tank
UltraSource B®
compact C (8/200)
UltraSource B®
compact C (11/200)
Output range
in kW (A2/W35)
2,1 – 7,6 2,8 – 10,2 6,0 – 17,4
heat pumps
without hot water tank
UltraSource® T
comfort (8)
UltraSource® T
comfort (13)
UltraSource® T
comfort (17)
with hot water tank
UltraSource® T
compact (8/200)
UltraSource® T
compact (13/200)
Heat source Groundwater Brine Groundwater Brine Groundwater Brine
Output range
in kW (W10/W35, B0/W35) 
2,46 – 9,82 1,79 – 7,85 3,5 – 13,3 2,9 – 13,3 5,71 – 21,50 4,29 – 17,64


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Hoval_Stefam Müller (c) Hoval.jpg
BU: Stefan Müller, Head of Poductmanagement Heating Technology at Hoval
Picture credits: © Hoval


Hoval_UltraSource T_Erdwärmepumpen (c) Hoval.jpg
BU:Ground heat pumps Hoval UltraSource®
Picture credit: © Hoval


Hoval_UltraSource_Ausseneinheit_8kw_11kW_(c) Hoval.jpg
Caption: The design of the UltraSource® outdoor unit blends seamlessly into the garden landscape.
Picture credit: © Hoval


Hoval_UltraSource B_Luftwärmepumpen (c) Hoval.jpg
Caption: Hoval UltraSource® air heat pumps
Picture credit: © Hoval

About Hoval:

The Hoval brand is internationally recognised as one of the leading suppliers of heating and indoor climate control solutions. Hoval can rely on over 70 years of experience and a close-knit team culture to offer exciting solutions and technically superior developments. This leadership role requires a sense of responsibility for energy and the environment, which is expressed in an intelligent combination of a wide range of heating technology and customised indoor climate control solutions. Hoval also provides personal consultation and comprehensive customer service. Hoval has around 2,000 employees at 15 companies within the group, functioning as a large family that thinks and acts globally. Hoval heating and indoor climate control solutions are currently exported to over 50 countries.

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