Hoval UltraSol: New solar thermal collector range feature a low construction height and maximum efficiency

Hoval is launching its first ever solar thermal collectors on the market – products that have not only been developed in-house, but are also produced at the company's plant in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The UltraSol product range is a Hoval innovation that is designed to meet many of today's requirements, specifically when it comes to top quality, maximum efficiency and easy installation.

The UltraSol range will be hitting the shelves in July 2013, with two collector types on offer: the UltraSol type itself as well as UltraSol eco, an economy version. Each type will also be available in two variants; one horizontal, one vertical. The design and materials Hoval has opted for mean that the collectors not only benefit from an exceptionally low construction height (just 54 mm) but, at 39 kg, also weigh very little. And thanks to the simple installation system and plug-and-play hydraulic kits, both collector types are suitable for any method of installation – whether they're being placed in a roof, on a roof, incorporated into a flat roof, or simply acting as a free-standing structure. The UltraSol collectors are subject to annual minimum yield requirements of 525 kWh/m2, and offer even more good news in this respect: not only do they easily meet the criteria, they even have been granted Solar Keymark certification.

Shapely. Slimline. Light.

Marking a first for the industry, Hoval's new product also includes the Hoval aluFrame, an ultra-lightweight diecast aluminium frame whose seamless design keeps the collectors firmly in place and enhances their resilience. And to help the collectors perform even better, Hoval UltraSol features a special antireflective coating applied to the solar glass (not available with the UltraSol eco version).

The new collector range has all the technical credentials – but it's really got the look too. Slim and sleek, it comes with an aluminium profile that is barely visible and lends the entire collector area a seamless, uniform look on the roof. What is more, the solar glass with antireflective coating featured in the UltraSol version blends discreetly with the building's appearance.

Setting new standards

Peter Gerner, CEO of the Heating Technology division, says that this step forward for the company's in-house development and production practices started with a strategic vision: "We're a company that is passionate about technology, and our motto is Responsibility for energy and the environment. That makes solar energy a really big issue for us. We also look at things from a long-term perspective, and in the future we're convinced that solar energy is going to play an even bigger role in conserving fossil fuel resources and achieving climate policy goals. So we want to do our bit to help that process along, and that's why we're focusing more heavily on solar thermal systems. Plus, our aim is to set new standards in this area."

A one-stop shop – reducing energy consumption, keeping costs down

Hoval offers a level of system expertise which planners and installers can really benefit from, and which is one of the keys to not only keeping energy consumption low, but also cutting costs and time. Because the company is a system provider, it has the skills to integrate the UltraSol collectors into the heating system with maximum efficiency – and what is more, it provides a one-stop shop for every single component the system requires (including sets of solar fittings, buffer storage tanks, additional heat generators for the colder months of the year, and control units).

No application too big or small

Thanks to its flexible installation options and hydraulic collector kit that is suitable for any application, UltraSol offers a straightforward solution to accommodate all kinds of different requirements, ranging from solar water heating in residential buildings (with or without backup heating systems) right through to solar process heat for industrial applications, particularly those which operate in the lower temperature range of 40-60°C – like washing, cleaning or drying, for example.

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