At 4.23, the Hoval Belaria® compact IR has the best COP in Europe

Hoval is staying true to its promise of continuing to develop heat pump technology. The latest evidence for this is the Belaria® compact IR air/water heat pump, with a coefficient of performance (COP) that's the best in Europe in its performance class, and a design that could not be more compact.

Peter Gerner, Hoval heating technology CEO, made a big promise over a year ago: "We are going to take the development of the heat pump technology to the next level." It was a bold statement, but one with a solid foundation: at that time, Hoval had just set up its new test facilities for brine/water and air/water heat pumps at its headquarters in Vaduz. The test facilities are among the largest in Europe and, since they were built, have accelerated and strengthened development processes within the company.

Excellent test results

"We have both improved and extended the heat pump range," reports Martin Woerz, head of product management for heat pumps and storage tanks. "The brand-new Belaria® compact IR, which we have added to our portfolio, achieved excellent results in the tests for the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) certification – in fact, they were absolutely outstanding." At an outside temperature of 2°C and a flow temperature of 35°C, it produces a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.23. "No other compact air/water heat pump in Europe has achieved this value before now," states Martin Woerz.

So where does this exceptionally good performance rating come from? The Belaria® compact IR features a special evaporator, a next-generation fan as well as an electronic expansion valve. The cooling circuit works with the new R 410 A coolant, while the automatic heat pump machine, which is also new and acts as the actual brain of the system, harmonises the individual components to maximum effect.

In summer 2013, the new Belaria® compact IR water/air heat pump will initially be put on the market in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, with other countries following afterwards. It will be available in three models with standard output levels of 7, 9 and 11 kW.

Great performance in a small space

The Belaria® compact IR clearly proves that superior performance and excellent energy efficiency do not need a great deal of space: in fact, the system only requires a single square metre, something which also makes installation easier. And it's flexible too: the heating flow and return as well as the hose for the condensation process can be positioned on the right or left.

In this system, energy efficiency is the name of the game. To reduce the need for clocking, whilst also guaranteeing that the energy required for the defrosting process will always be available, the Belaria® compact IR has an energy buffer storage tank. To accommodate this, a space-saving double base, which also keeps noise emissions low, was designed.

Low noise level

The Belaria® compact IR contains the latest generation of low-noise fan technology in the form of an extremely quiet centrifugal fan. In fact, the automatic heat pump machine controls it in such a way that the noise emissions are already fairly low anyway.

Martin Woerz's conclusion: "The Belaria® compact IR is the perfect system for the prefabricated building industry, for example: it's compact, reliable and has a COP which is currently unrivalled." And that's one promise that Hoval has certainly delivered on.

Also improved: the popular split heat pump

The Belaria® S has undergone some improvements and is now on the market as the Belaria® SRM. This heat pump is also available as the Belaria® compact SRM with an integrated water heater. Both systems are available with six different output ratings: 4, 6, 8, 11, 14 and 16 kW.

The latest generation of split heat pumps is equipped with a new control unit. The operating controls can be placed in the unit, on the wall or even in the living space. This makes operation considerably easier. The current consumption – one of a number of new functions – can be given a time limit, something which has a positive impact on both energy costs and the use of solar energy. The more precise regulation concept results in a higher heat output and an even higher COP.

As a new feature, an extremely energy-efficient circulating pump has been integrated into the internal unit of the split units. The Belaria® compact SRM has a floor-standing internal unit with an integrated stainless steel water heater, which holds 180 litres in the 4 kW model and 260 litres in all other models.

Thermalia® twin benefits too

The Thermalia® twin brine/water and water/water heat pump is also reaping the benefits of Hoval's surge forward in its development process, which led to the Belaria® compact air/water heat pump. Instead of a thermal expansion valve, it too now features an electronic one. This, coupled with the new R 410 A coolant, allows it to achieve an even higher COP.

The series of models, which previously offered an output range of 20 to 35 kW, now reaches as much as 42 kW with the addition of the fourth model. The new Thermalia® twin 42, which is just as compact as its smaller siblings, replaces the previous Thermalia® dual 43.

The following images are available on the press-CD:

BU: At 4.23, the Hoval Belaria® compact IR has the best COP in Europe.

BU: Belaria® compact SRM - The latest generation of split heat pumps.

BU: Thermalia® twin with a higher output range.

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