Hoval ProcessLine reduces the heating energy requirement by up to 98% compared to systems without heat recovery.

Link processes and save is the formula for success for companies that place value on energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly production processes. Hoval has the answer. Its latest system solution, Hoval ProcessLine, brings together the processes of extract air cleaning, heat recovery and room air conditioning

If the pollutant concentration is not allowed to exceed legally prescribed limits, the extract air from machine tools must be removed and cleaned. This machine extract air is warmer than the room air because the processing activities supply energy to it. Hoval ProcessLine doesn't just clean the process extract air – it also removes its heat and transfers the energy to the fresh air supply, cleanly and reliably.

This energy efficiency keeps consumption to an absolute minimum. Without heat recovery, one example of a hall in the German city of Stuttgart would consume 81,095 kWh annually in order to control the temperature of the fresh air. A system that recovers heat from the room air would achieve savings of 73 %. With its ability to recover heat from the process extract air, Hoval ProcessLine reduces energy consumption by as much as 98%, to 1690 kWh per year.

As a result, the Hoval ProcessLine system takes no more than three years to pay for itself. In just as short a time, the energy savings it achieves can amount to tens of thousands of euros. 

The new, decentralised system in modern production halls today functions as follows: Two compact units are positioned in the immediate vicinity of each individual machine group. One is responsible for extract air cleaning and the other for supplying fresh air, removing extract air and, at the same time, recovering heat from the cleaned process extract air. The decentralised supply and removal pipes and ducts are routed directly to and from the units via the roof. This means considerably shorter distances when compared with the pipeline and duct network typical of a centralised system. Above all, this setup makes the best possible use of the synergies offered by the individual processes, as well as saving energy and money during operation.

The ProcessLine system links the extraction and purification of process extract air with the ventilation and air-conditioning system. Inside the oil-tight plate heat exchanger, the heat energy in the extract air is transferred directly to the supply air.

Depending on the type of pollutant involved, different technologies are used to purify the extract air and combined with heat recovery and air-conditioning technology.

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