Hoval ServeLine: the system solution for cool calculators!

Hoval ServeLine provides absolutely secure cooling for data centres, and with extremely high energy efficiency. The system makes use of indirect free cooling with fresh air in combination with adiabatic and mechanical cooling. Mechanical cooling is not required for 97% of the overall operating time.

As a specialist in indoor climate solutions in all possible applications, Hoval concentrates on thoroughly researched integrated solutions. The development of Hoval ServeLine concentrated on the specific requirements for data centres. The result: A refined cooling solution that offers modular design, efficiency and high availability. ServeLine offers operators of data centres low total cost of ownership and maximum reliability.

Extremely energy-saving

Air conditioning the server rooms offers the greatest potential for reducing energy consumption in data centres. Hoval ServeLine is setting standards: For optimum efficiency, fresh air is used for cooling; however, indirect cooling with plate heat exchangers means that there is no need to worry about adverse influences on the servers from the outside.

  • ServeLine reaches its full cooling capacity with indirect free cooling up to an outside temperature of 18 °C (i.e. during 85 % of the overall operating time).
  • If temperatures increase further, cooling is exclusively adiabatic up to about 27 °C outside temperature (depending on the humidity).
  • ServeLine only runs in mixed mode, with adiabatic and mechanical cooling, during 3 % of the operating time.

The results: A massive improvement in power usage effectiveness, fast payback and not least a positive climate balance.

Expandable modular system

ServeLine has a modular structure, and the total output is freely scalable. Operators can thus adjust the cooling capacity flexibly to the current growth phase of the data centre.

Total availability

Redundant generation of cooling energy guarantees the required high availability. If necessary, the system falls back on the cold supply of chilled water systems.

Capacity-optimised control

The specially developed control system ServeNet continuously compares the current efficiency of the various cooling processes, selects the best cooling system and thus optimises operating costs.

The innovative Hoval ServeLine product family ensures optimum implementation of the requirements of high availability with low operating costs for data centres.

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