Integrated solutions are the focus at Hoval Indoor Climate Systems

The Hoval core competence extends beyond technically mature products for heating, cooling and ventilation. A systematic approach, the linking of processes and the utilisation of existing circuits in order to save energy and reduce costs are the core elements of every new system solution, ensuring optimum room conditions in large halls.

The press conference on the presentation of the latest-generation Hoval RoofVent®  air conditioning unit made it clear that this is a matter of more than just a new technological development. Fabian Frick, member of the board of directors of the Hoval Group and CEO of the division Climate Technology and New Markets, looks back to the beginnings of the Climate Technology division in the 1970s. "The energy crisis had an influence on the only business focus of the Hoval company at the time, Heating Technology. With the diversification into a related area, climate technology and heat recovery, we were already following a systemic approach."

Nowadays, a conscious focus on the issue of energy has become a global mega-trend, but for Fabian Frick it is precisely this new awareness which offers new opportunities for Hoval: "We have the know-how from two technological fields on how to save or recover energy – with the medium air or water. By pooling this accumulated know-how and intensively studying our customers' applications and requirements, we are able to offer unique indoor climate solutions."

The first solution created by the new Climate Technology division was the decentralised Hoval Indoor Climate System. This modular air-conditioning system works without supply and extract air ducts, can be tailored to specific project requirements through the use of various air handling units and, with a corresponding controller, also integrates optional Hoval heat generators into the overall system.

Stephan Eder, head of the Climate Technology division, sees the greatest potential for saving energy in the future in the linking of processes. "The individual units are already of a very high standard, and their optional combination offers vast potential for boosting efficiency. Based on our core competences in the areas of heating, ventilation, cooling and heat recovery and with our coordinated control systems, we can put together state-of-the-art systems."

In the field of climate technology, Hoval currently offers besides the mentioned decentralised indoor climate system and the heat recovery the following specific solutions:

Hoval ProcessLine, which brings together the processes of extract air cleaning, heat recovery and room air conditioning and thus reduces the amount of heating energy required to control the temperature of the fresh air by up to 98% compared to systems without heat recovery.

Hoval ServeLine provides absolutely secure cooling for data centres, and with extremely high energy efficiency. The system makes use of indirect free cooling with fresh air in combination with adiabatic and mechanical cooling. Mechanical cooling is not required for 97% of the overall operating time.

And the prospects for new solutions from Hoval Climate Technology are good: "We will analyse further applications with high energy-saving potential and supply the market with systems which offer customers added value," Stephan Eder promises at the press conference.

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