Combining power and heat with made-to-measure Hoval solutions

Hoval has already put into action several successful large-scale projects which incorporate its latest field of operation – combining heat and power. The long-term profit of this investment is clear to investors, who can rely on Hoval to provide a complete solution from a single source – from project planning right through to maintenance.

Hoval offers made-to-measure overall solutions for combined heat and power units and local or district heating networks. For example, the Hoval PowerBloc CHP unit has an electrical output of 43 to 404 kW as a natural gas module and an electrical output of 46 to 365 kW as a biogas or sewage gas module. Parallel operation of several modules is also possible.

One major advantage is that Hoval can also supply all additional components for the heating system, enabling an efficient system solution from a single source.

Hoval UltraGas® – the ideal system component

The Hoval UltraGas® condensing boiler is the ideal partner for managing peak loads in order to ensure that the system operates as efficiently as possible. The key to its efficiency lies in its large water capacity, which takes the strain off the hydraulic connection between the boiler and the overall system. There are virtually no limits to the complexity of the system – it can even be connected in a cascade without any problems, thereby improving the operating reliability.

Quick installation: PowerBloc with container

As an alternative to indoor installation, the heating system incorporating the Hoval PowerBloc, heat generators such as the UltraGas® or Hoval BioLyt along with all necessary components can also be housed in a container outside the building. The compact container and the required buffers storage tanks are quick to install and the system itself can be set up in no time because it is delivered ready for connection.

Hoval TopTronic® supervisor for clear data management

The Hoval TopTronic® supervisor is used to collect data and provide a graphical presentation of all relevant system components. For example, it displays, saves and evaluates temperatures and energy flows and communicates important information to the operator. The comprehensive visualisation allows users to monitor operation and optimise the operating processes in the network quickly and cost-effectively. Using the boiler room and buffer storage tank management system, the different heat generators are switched on and off as needed. This controls peak loads and reduces energy consumption.

Reduced planning costs thanks to system solutions from a single source

For each project, the Hoval experts develop scenarios with different models and produce detailed efficiency analyses based on all general conditions to provide a foundation for decisions. The system achieves a large number of annual operating hours – and is therefore highly profitable – when its output is low in relation to the required heat output. And the larger the system, the lower the investment costs and the overall life cycle costs.

High-quality Hoval PowerBloc components

A Hoval CHP unit comprises the following main components: a MAN gas Otto engine, a power generator, heat exchangers for the recovery of thermal energy, electrical switching and control devices for power distribution and hydraulic equipment for heat distribution.

Calculable maintenance costs

Hoval also provides packages for maintenance and servicing which allow you to plan your running costs. Various services can be included in a maintenance contract to suit your specific requirements. Three maintenance options with varying scopes of services – from regular maintenance to the all-round carefree package – ensure reliable operation and preserve your investment.

Producing heat and power economically and ecologically

In comparison to having a central power supply with large-scale gas power plants to produce power and conventional heating systems to supply heat energy, a combined heat and power plant is much more efficient. Whereas producing power in a large-scale power plant loses up to over 50% of the energy in the form of waste heat, combined heat and power plants produce power whilst also making use of the heat energy generated in the process; for example, to heat buildings, generate hot water or to produce industrial process heat. This "doubled" use of the original energy input results in an exceptionally high primary energy usage of 90%. In comparison, conventional power production systems such as coal or gas power plants only achieve a primary energy usage of 30 to 50%. According to estimates from the EU, CO2 emissions could be reduced by over 250 million tonnes by 2020.

The following images are available on the press-CD:


BU: Quick installation: PowerBloc with container.


BU: Hoval offers made-to-measure overall solutions for combined heat and power units and local or district heating networks.


BU: The Hoval TopTronic® supervisor is used to collect data and provide a graphical presentation of all relevant system components.


BU: A highly efficient local heating network from Hoval: PowerBloc (1), UltraGas® (2), central unit with TopTronic® supervisor (3), TransTherm district heating transfer station (4) and buffer storage tank (5).


BU: TopTronic® com: control unit in the TransTherm heat transfer stations.

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