UltraOil® (600D) condensing boiler Hoval takes the performance capacity of its successful oil condensing boiler to the next level.

For several years now, Hoval UltraOil® condensing boilers with patented aluFer® heat exchangers have been setting international benchmarks for cost effectiveness and flexibility. Over the past few years, the continuous development of this hit product range has seen a steady improvement in its performance capacity.

The latest and most powerful addition to the product chain is the UltraOil® (600D). With this addition, the UltraOil® is now available in versions ranging from the 12 kW individual boiler to the 600 kW twin boiler system. If an even higher level of performance and operating reliability is required, up to 5 individual boilers can be connected in a cascade system.

Impressive cost effectiveness

With its condensing technology and the aluFer® heat exchanger, the Hoval UltraOil® is able to yield more energy than a conventional low temperature boiler, with energy savings of up to 15%. The hydraulic resistance of the UltraOil® is also very low, leading to a significant reduction in the installed pump output. This in turn lowers investment and electricity costs.

Sophisticated technology at its heart provides maximum efficiency

The key to the cost effectiveness of this high-efficiency boiler is the aluFer® heat exchanger. Patented Hoval technology significantly improves the heat gain in the condensing heat exchanger, thereby further increasing the energy yield achieved by the – already extremely efficient – condensing technology. The special finned design of the aluFer® heat exchanger means that the heat transfer area is five times larger than on a conventional exchanger.

Limitless flexibility and combination options

The large water capacity – around 300 litres – of the UltraOil® (250/300) means that there is no need for a minimum volume of circulating water, or a minimum boiler, return or flue gas temperature. This makes it easy to integrate in any heating system, and is especially practical when replacing existing boilers. It is also easy to take apart, which is an additional benefit for refurbishment projects. In just a few steps it can be disassembled into three individual components – support rail, boiler and substructure – to make it easier to move it around.

The TopTronic® T microprocessor controller, which is integrated as standard, makes it possible to connect up to five boilers in a cascade. A solar energy system can also be seamlessly integrated into your plans, whether you want to combine oil and solar energy to generate hot water or use the solar energy to support the heating system.

The following images are available on the press-CD:


BU: Hoval UltraOil® (110 – 300) condensing boilers with patented aluFer®heat exchangers.


BU: UltraOil® (600D) condensing boiler as a double cascade system.

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