Management with foresight

Short decision paths, the open exchange of information, a slim, flexible organization, wide-ranging expertise, and an informal, cooperative style of management are the key factors with which we meet the high level of dynamics in our markets and by means of which we are able to exploit new, sustainable growth opportunities time and again. This is ensured by the composition of and collaboration within our management.

Board of directors

Dr. Richard Senti, president of the board of directors since September 2020 previously 17 years member of the management board since 2003

Dipl. Ing. Peter Frick, 1985 – September 2017 president of the board of directors,

member of the board of directors since 1973
Dipl. Ing. Jürg Herzog, member of the board of directors since 2010
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Staake, member of the board of directors since 2016
Heribert Rohrbeck, member of the board of directors since 2017
Stephanie Gubser Moosleithner, member of the board of directors since 2020

Executive Board Hoval Group


From left to right:

Remo Bretscher, CFO Finances, Human Resource, IT
Peter Gerner, co-CEO Sales Europe & Service, Digital Business, YADOS
Fabian Frick, co-CEO Research & Development, Supply Chain, Sales Partner Markets & China


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