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The heat pump. At one with the natural elements.

Whether replete with the summer scent of flowers or refreshingly pure in winter – air is an energy source, like spring water and the soil.

With a heat pump from Hoval, energy can be drawn out of the air, earth and water to heat buildings. And that’s not all: a reversible model of the heat pump can be used for either heating or cooling, as needed.

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Using existing warmth

Just a small amount of electric power is needed to gain a large amount of heat energy with the help of nature. Heat pumps tap into existing energy in the earth, in water or in the air and use it to heat the whole house.

A heat pump can produce heat energy even at very low temperatures. Periods of peak demand can optionally be covered with an auxiliary heater. Safe and reliable operation is guaranteed by Hoval system components.

Numerous advantages

The energy sources that heat pumps draw on are available year round and at no charge. This technology is particularly well-suited for buildings with good heat insulation. It is emission-free and achieves high performance values. Heat pumps with reversible technology are even capable of cooling if required.

Hoval uses only CFC-free agents – another benefit to the environment.

Heat pumps enable the most efficient utilisation of primary energy. If the power that drives the heat pump is generated in a CO2- neutral manner, then we have succeeded in conserving energy and protecting the environment in the field of heat utilisation.

Stefan Müller
Head of Porduct Management, Heating Technology