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Residential ventilation. Like breathing deeply under open skies.

When we catch our breath outside, it is the breathtaking landscape that disarms us, not the lack of oxygen.

The scenario is quite different in “airtight” rooms. To supply interiors with a sufficient amount of fresh air, Hoval breaks new ground in residential ventilation. Thirty years of experience with air technology and a solution-oriented approach now let flats and multi-family homes breathe easy.

HomeVent comfort FR

HomeVent comfort FRT

A healthy interior climate

A person needs between 20 and 75 cubic metres of air per hour. Controlled ventilation continuously provides the necessary amount of oxygen in living areas. Windows can stay closed, avoiding draughts and keeping out street noise and pollen. Constant humidity levels ensure additional comfort and help preserve the building structure.

Heat and humidity recovery

When air escapes through open windows, its heat energy is lost forever. Not so with Hoval residential ventilation. The HomeVent unit transfers the heat energy and humidity contained in the outflowing air to the fresh supply air. Even the energy of the water vapour is recovered. The energy savings gained through this additional measure are far larger than the energy consumed.

Fresh air is not just fresh air. Our model is the fresh Alpine air. With the HomeVent residential ventilation unit, Hoval demonstrates decades of experience in heat and humidity recovery.

Patrik Woerz
Head of Residential Ventilation