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Customer service

Our services cover the entire life cycle of your Hoval system. In addition to commissioning and fault repair, further services are available at our branches and our technical partners.
To ensure that our products work efficiently, we offer a nationwide network of qualified technicians and service staff.

Do you want to know more on our services?

Installation assistance & commissioning

Hoval customer service is on hand to assist you with installing or commissioning your Hoval system of choice.

With installation assistance from our specially trained Hoval customer service team, we can help you lay the foundations for enjoying a comfortable climate from Hoval for many years to come.

After the system has been installed by Hoval customer service, we will of course also be happy to visit you in order to carry out commissioning.

Fault repair

We’re here when you need us – round the clock, 365 days a year. 
Our nationwide customer service ensures that your investment retains its value. It keeps your system running economically and helps it achieve a long service life.