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Heat transfer stations. Making efficient use of local and district heating energy.

Systems where heat is supplied from a central location and then distributed via local or district heating networks are being used more and more often in large residential, commercial, administration and municipal buildings, as well as by other consumers with high heat demands. Heat transfer stations play a crucial role in such systems, as efficient and reliable distributors of heat. 

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Clever and compact

Hoval heat transfer stations fulfil this task at the highest possible level, thanks to the materials used in them and their sophisticated yet compact design. Hoval offers four type series, covering a range of power outputs suitable for single family homes right up to large high-energy buildings. The benefit of choosing Hoval: from design and commissioning work to the instrumentation and control system, everything is supplied from a single source, meaning that all components are perfectly coordinated with one another and work with maximum efficiency. This saves money and protects the environment.

Highest quality is our standard

High quality materials such as stainless steel for the plate heat exchangers and careful workmanship that meets the high quality standards of Hoval ensure a long service life and preserve the value of your investment.

With Hoval, all components needed for the district heating network can be purchased from a single source and bundled to form a complete system. This reduces complexity and offers considerable advantages.

Urs Westreicher 
Head of Product Management District heating & Cogeneration