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Renewable energy. Solar power at its best.

Entirely free of emissions and available in limitless supply – it fits with our sense of responsibility to make use of the most original of all energy forms: the sun.

Hoval solar collectors and hot water storage tanks make solar energy accessible at home. They help power heating systems and produce hot water – even if the sun should disappear behind the clouds.

UltraSol 2

TransTherm solar

More energy at no extra charge

Hoval solar-powered systems are a part of Hoval system technology. They can be combined with Hoval heating systems such as heat pumps or pellet, gas and oil heating systems to form highly efficient and easy-to-control overall solutions.

Their cost savings are striking: in well-insulated buildings, they reduce consumption by up to 35 percent and in low-energy buildings even up to 50 percent. In addition, a solar-powered system can easily cover hot water demand in the summer.

Modern technology

Even just a few rays of sun in winter or in cloudy weather provide enough energy for hot water production.

A special heat transfer fluid in the solar collectors guarantees reliable operation at every temperature. A heat exchanger transfers the heat energy in the fluid to the water in the solar layer storage tank. This technology is emission-free and makes an active contribution to protecting the environment.

Protection of the environment, efficiency and cost-savings for the user are among our key goals.

Eduard Schmal
Head of Development, Solar Systems