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The principle of cogeneration. Producing and using energy efficiently.

Combined heat and power (CHP) plants take advantage of cogeneration to generate both electricity and usable heat. Whether using a combined heat and power plant to generate heat and power for one multi-family dwelling, for an entire housing development, a commercial building or an industrial process, Hoval offers solutions designed for exceptionally cost-effective operation.

PowerBloc FG

PowerBloc EG

High degree of efficiency

The cogeneration takes place as close to the heat consumer as possible. The result is a very high degree of primary energy efficiency of up to 90 %. By comparison, conventional power plants such as large-scale gas-fired power plants only achieve a primary energy efficiency of 30 to  50% and lose the majority of the energy as waste heat. This waste heat is used in the CHP plant as heating energy to heat water, for instance, or as process heat for industrial operations. The electricity produced is used in the plant's own building or fed into the pub-lic utility grid in return for remuneration from the energy supplier.

Lower emissions thanks to cogeneration

The Hoval PowerBloc saves energy because it makes better use of its resources. Using resources wisely also means significantly reducing pollutants and carbon emissions. A natural gas-operated PowerBloc produces almost 60% less CO2 than would be the case with separate power and heat generation using hard coal and EL heating oil.The Hoval PowerBloc can also be operated using biogas.

Hoval PowerBloc plants are complete systems tailored to meet individual project requirements and adapted to the type of energy used for operation. All assemblies are housed in a space-saving compact, resistant casing.

Urs Westreicher 
Head of Product Management District heating & Cogeneration