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The solution for cooling data centres. The most compact system of its kind.

Hoval ServeCool air-conditions data centres and has minimum space requirements. Standalone compact units contain all components necessary to provide highly efficient cooling for the IT environment. What’s more, they can be linked seamlessly so that the total output of the system can be scaled.

The interaction of indirect free cooling with fresh air, indirect adiabatic cooling and mechanical cooling via cooling coil are used to cool the IT environment with minimal energy consumption.

Flexible modular system

ServeCool has a modular structure. It is made up of multiple ServeCool compact units with an integrated control system. These have no connections or maintenance points on the sides, making it possible to arrange multiple units directly next to one another to save space. This means that the total cooling output of the system is freely scalable. It can be flexibly adjusted to the current growth phase of the data centre, allowing investment to be made in stages.

Enormous space savings

All components for generating and distributing cooling energy and for treating air are particularly space-saving in stand-alone, ServeCool compact units each with an installation area of 11 m². And if you include the maintenance area too, the space required is just 14 m² per unit. Only the cold-water production for covering load peaks is supplied separately.

Thanks to the high efficiency, Hoval ServeCool uses free cooling much more intensively than comparable systems. The intelligent cooling solution guarantees operators of data centres the lowest total cost of ownership and maximum reliability.

Stefan Kuch
Segment Manager production halls/data centres