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Consulting & design

Benefit from the expertise of a system provider. Whether it is being used in a renovation project or a new build, a heating system will only function properly if all the individual components are from a single source, are perfectly compatible with one another and the entire system is controlled by a central system. This is particularly important, for example, when integrating a solar plant for DHW heating and a central heating backup or when integrating additional boilers.

We will be happy to support you in planning your system throughout all the phases of your project. Working in close cooperation with you and taking all your specifications into account, we will develop the most economical, cost-efficient and ecologically sound solution.

Expert support in all project phases

The planning phase

Hoval will be happy to assist you and your planning partners in developing progressive system solutions if required. Take advantage of our expertise and benefit from the experience of our specialists.

At Hoval, we are committed to making it as easy as possible for you to get the very best product and system design. We know that every customer’s needs are different, which is why we offer the following:

  • Product selection
  • System design
  • CAD drawings
  • Handling of all design queries

During the construction phase

Each order is assigned to one of our project managers to ensure everything runs smoothly, from the initial order to installation of the unit and right through to commissioning.

  • Engineering on site
  • Project management
  • Support during handover
  • Commissioning

After-sales service

Once you have purchased your Hoval product, our customer service doesn’t end there. To ensure that your Hoval system has a long and trouble-free service life, we offer the following:






Request free advice today.

Let the experts help you choose the right energy source for your heating and indoor climate solution.