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The gas heating system. Rising to great heights with high efficiency.

A hot air balloon is the best way to enjoy the serene beauty of the Alps safely from above. Fuelled by gas, it breaks the bonds of gravity to give its passengers a unique natural experience.

Inspired by natural gas as an environmentally compatible energy source, Hoval developed condensing gas boilers that take advantage of its benefits and ensure that balloon rides through the clean Alpine air will continue to be possible in the future.


UltraGas 2

UltraGas 2 D

Safe and comfortable

Natural gas reaches the consumer through subterranean pipe systems. It needs to be neither stored nor bought in advance. The emissions from natural gas combustion are odourless, non-toxic and practically free of sulphur dioxide. Hoval condensing gas boilers can be continuously regulated and can be readily combined with other technologies such as solarpowered systems.

Modern technology

Natural gas is ideally suited for gas condensing technology. Hot water vapour in the exhaust is cooled down to 40 to 50° Celsius in the boiler. The water condenses and releases condensation heat, which is returned to the system. This enhances the heat yield and helps save natural gas resources.

A Hoval condensing gas boiler is a most efficient and economical heat generator. The UltraClean combustion system reduces pollutant emissions to a minimum level.

Günther Köb
Head of Development, Fossil Fuels