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Well controlled. With one for all.

The Hoval product range uses a standardised control: the TopTronic system control. This regulates the operation of your Hoval unit – and can do even more than that. The system control brings together all Hoval units into one efficient universal system. 

All of the components in this system are carefully tuned so that they get as much power from as little energy as possible. 





Keeping an eye on costs

The TopTronic control also helps to make additional savings. Its wide range of functions include easy adjustment operating times to facilitate energy-conscious heating. The energy consumption display and the counter module help you to keep a permanent eye on costs. 

Easy handling

To allow for simple control while you are out-and-about and to enable you to receive system messages in real time, you can opt for various gateway modules for an Internet connection, the smartphone app and HovalConnect. The Hoval control system HovalSupervisor visualises, controls and monitors the operation of multiple UltraGas plants. This enables you to optimise the energy production process, right through to the individual processes in the entire energy grid.

As a result of the system control's modular structure, the individual products can be easily combined to form a range of energy-efficient systems.

Peter Schatte
Head of Product Management Control Units