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Apprenticeship and in-service training

Top-quality products demand top-quality staff

Hoval has always found it vital to ensure that its employees, technical customer service team and even its customers are well-trained and have sound knowledge and expertise. That’s why every major Hoval sales company has its own Hoval TrainingCenter, providing hands-on experience with the units and theoretical training. The head office in Liechtenstein and Hoval in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy all have modern and attractive training facilities offering exciting programmes for Hoval employees and customers. For details of the training programmes, please contact the head office of the Hoval sales companies mentioned.

Diploma, bachelor’s thesis or master’s thesis

Hoval offers challenging subject areas that require a high degree of curiosity, perseverance and passion. A thesis with a focus on practical applications is seen as a valuable building block for a professional career. At Hoval, our specialists in research and development or in commercial disciplines offer students guidance in developing their ideas and support them throughout the whole process until they have successfully completed their thesis.

Are you interested in doing a diploma, bachelor’s thesis or master’s thesis with a focus on practical applications and expertise? Please send us your speculative application

During the placement, I was able to both consolidate and gain a deeper understanding of the subjects I had learned during the course of my studies. It allowed me to gain practical experience and apply my knowledge.