How do I change the WLAN password?

For security reasons, the WLAN password can only be changed on one of the Hoval control modules directly (e.g. on your Hoval plant or a wall-mounted control module). Just follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Click on the “Settings” icon at the bottom right.


Click on the arrow at the bottom right to go to the second page of settings menus.  

Step 3:
Click on the “Service” icon.
Step 4:
Click on “TTE-GW” in the column on the left.
Note: If the “TTE-GW” option is not immediately visible, click on the arrow button at the bottom right to scroll down until the “TTE-GW” menu item appears.
Step 5:
Now click on “WLAN” in the column on the right.
Step 6:
Now click on “Settings” in the column on the right.
Step 7:
Click again on “Settings” in the column on the right.
Step 8:
Now click on “WLAN password” in the column on the right.
Step 9: 
You should see this screen. Now click on the five asterisks “*****” on the right in the “WLAN password” row.
 Step 10:
Enter the new WLAN password for your chosen WLAN here.
Note: Your Internet provider will give you this password. Then click on “OK” at the bottom right.
Step 11:
Click on the dash “-” on the right in the “Apply changes” row.
Step 12:
First click on “Apply”, then on “OK” at the bottom right.

Step 13:
Check that the text “Apply” is displayed on the right in the “Apply changes” row. Finally, click on the “Back” button at the bottom left six times to return to the home screen.


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