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Career with Hoval

We like to think of ourselves as an international family – because that’s exactly how we think and work. We know where the decisions are made, we all play a part in shaping what happens, and we discuss things, exchange opinions, deal with conflicts and always find a solution. Just like a family. 

With 17 Group companies, an international career is open to anyone who’s interested in joining us. The Hoval world can be accessed through apprenticeships, internships, or degree dissertations following studies or as an experienced professional with extensive skills. Our company offers a whole range of opportunities.

It is up to you which path you choose to take when pursuing a career in the Hoval Group. We will provide you with opportunities and help guide you in choosing the right path.

Enjoy work-life balance – it's possible with Hoval

I have two passions: The joy of working with young people and the passion for music. Hoval allows me to reconcile both.

Working at Hoval in Liechtenstein

Learn all about the working environment at our headquarters in Liechtenstein.