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Changes to Hoval’s management: Remo Bretscher is the Hoval Group’s new CFO

Changes to Hoval’s management: Remo Bretscher is the Hoval Group’s new CFO

Remo Bretscher took up the post of CFO (Chief Finance Officer) for the Hoval Group in Vaduz on 26 September. He succeeds Dr Richard Senti, who is moving to a new role as president of the board of directors after 17 years in Group management.

The Hoval Group, which is based in Vaduz (Liechtenstein), has made a change to its management team: Remo Bretscher has taken over from long-standing CFO Dr Richard Senti and will henceforth be responsible for finance, human resources and IT. The 40-year-old joined co-CEO Peter Gerner and co-CEO Fabian Frick on the Hoval Group’s senior management team on 26 September 2020, undergoing a four-week familiarisation period in order to get up to speed with his new role.

Remo Bretscher is a finance manager with global expertise.

„ He has many years of experience in international companies and his knowledge will play a crucial role in Hoval’s future development,” says Hoval co-CEO Peter Gerner, who is delighted with the new appointment. He goes on to thank his long-standing colleague Richard Senti: “During his time as CFO, Richard Senti was responsible for the successful management and development of the finance, human resources and IT departments. He made Hoval the company it is today.” Along with Hoval’s sound performance management strategy and unique company culture, it is the high technology standards underpinning every single Hoval product that make Remo Bretscher so excited about his new post. 

I always wanted to work in a manufacturing company. I like hands-on production processes with a tangible product at the end

, says Bretscher, who is looking forward to this new challenge: “Dr Senti has set a high standard. It is my responsibility to maintain this standard in the future. The first step is to show that I have the skills to contribute to Hoval’s development.”

Extensive international experience as CFO

Remo Bretscher, who is moving from Michigan (USA) to Vaduz for his new role, has achieved considerable success in his international financial career to date.

After completing his master’s degree at the University of St. Gallen, specialising in finance, accounting and controlling, he qualified as a Swiss Certified Public Accountant before working in group-level management positions at a number of different companies. Before joining Hoval, Remo Bretscher was CFO Business Group North America for the Autoneum Group, where he was responsible for a total of ten production sites in the USA, Canada and Mexico. 

New line-up for the Hoval board of directors

The Hoval board of directors is also being restructured as the new term of office begins. At the Annual General Meeting on 25 September, former CFO Dr Richard Senti was elected as the new president of the board of directors. He succeeds Dr Max Egli, who had held the position since 2017. Dr Max Egli spent a total of 24 years on Hoval’s board of directors and made a huge contribution to Hoval’s development over this time. Dr Eveline Saupper and Dr Manuel Bauer are also leaving the board of directors after four and ten years of dedicated service respectively. Stephanie Gubser Moosleithner was appointed to the board of directors as a new member.

About Hoval

As a specialist in heating and climate technology, Hoval is your experienced partner for system solutions. You can heat water with the sun’s energy and your rooms with oil, gas, wood or a heat pump, for example. Hoval ties together the various technologies and also integrates room ventilation into the system. You can be sure to save both energy and costs while protecting the environment. 

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