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Data Protection Disclaimer for Business Transactions

1. Processed data, purpose and legal basis

If you are in business contact with us, we process various information about you. These data are essentially name and function in your company, contact data including e-mail and telephone number.

You may provide additional information when you order goods or services or when you contact us directly.

This data is required in our communication systems and address systems for handling our business contractual cooperation and processed for your information about product innovations or other Hoval relevant topics in our interest.

If you do not wish to receive this product information, please contact your contact person at Hoval or to stop receiving it.

Hoval applies appropriate security standards to our systems.

2. Recipient and transfer to a third country

We pass on your data within the Hoval Group companies for central administration purposes and for handling our cooperation.

Hoval also transfers personal data to third countries. This is usually based on an adequacy decision by the European Commission.

Hoval only transfers your data to a third country to affiliated companies without an appropriateness decision by the Commission in exceptional cases. In these cases, an intercompany agreement based on the EU standard data protection clauses ensures appropriate processing.

The duration of the processing depends on the relevant legal bases.

If you wish to exercise your right of complaint against Hoval, please contact the Liechtenstein Data Protection Authority as our competent supervisory authority ( 

3. Further information

These data protection regulations can be changed by Hoval at any time and come into force at the time of the change, unless otherwise notified.

Questions regarding this disclaimer or the exercise of your privacy rights can be sent by e-mail to


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Last update on 18th of April, 2018