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Energy recovery. When the air cools down.

A glance over a meadow early in the morning reveals wet grass. A simple physical phenomenon let dew drops form overnight: humidity in the air condensed on the leaves in the cool night air.

The same principle is behind Hoval heat recovery systems. Combined with our enthusiasm for technology, it provides superior efficiency levels and a pleasant indoor climate.


Crossflow plate heat exchanger

Counterflow plate heat exchanger

Rotary heat exchanger

A closed system

Using energy more than once is the idea behind recovering the energy in warm and cold air. It is used in air, climate and process technologies, enables considerable savings of primary energy and reduces CO2 emissions. Before a ventilation system directs used air to the outside, a heat exchanger extracts the heat or cold energy it contains and transfers it to the supplied fresh air.

Savings effects

Hoval takes advantage of the laws of nature: if the temperature in a plate heat exchanger sinks and the humidity in the air condenses, additional heat is released. This markedly increases the efficiency of heat recovery.

A rotary heat exchanger not only transfers heat but humidity as well. In winter this prevents rooms from drying out. In summer the outside air is dried as it enters into rooms, greatly reducing the power requirements in systems with mechanical cooling.

The recovery of heat from used air is state-of-the-art technology today and is legally required in many countries. As a pioneer in this area, Hoval recognised the enormous savings potential and developed powerful products as early as the 1970s.

Thomas Richter
Head of Energy Recovery