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Environmental policy

Responsibility for energy and environment is a long-standing tradition at Hoval

...and the primary driving force behind our thoughts and actions.  Indoor climate and world climate are in an ever-changing relationship. At Hoval, we accept the responsibility that arises from these factors and develop and produce indoor climate control solutions (heating, cooling, ventilation) that protect the environment through the use of innovative technologies.  An exceptionally high energy efficiency, the promotion of renewable energy sources, the minimisation of emissions, a long service life and the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials are at the core of our efforts – without detracting from product reliability and personal comfort.

At Hoval, we consider assuming responsibility, consistently reducing damaging effects on the ecology and leaving coming generations with an intact environment as a matter of course. That's why Hoval follows a comprehensive environmental policy that involves all corporate divisions and gives equal attention to conservation of nature, social responsibility and economic strength.  It is an expression of our sustained commitment to society and environmental protection and an integral part of our Corporate Responsibility.

Products and systems

Hoval is a company that stands for innovative power and responsibility for energy and environment. Achieving high levels of energy efficiency while increasing the use of systems for renewable energy sources is central to our efforts.  By means of their advanced system technology, our high quality products can further maximise the efficiency of overall systems.  As a result, both our customers and society are able to markedly reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources.  Avoiding a negative environmental impact is our top priority when developing advanced innovative and durable products. Our innovations are notable for their low energy consumption, limited emissions during their use phase and environmentally friendly disposal at the end of the product life cycle.

Processes and infrastructure

Production processes, logistics chains and workflows at Hoval are designed to be permanently in harmony with our goal of preserving our natural environment. Scarce resources are used efficiently and polluting emissions are avoided. Where waste cannot be prevented it is disposed of in an environmentally compatible manner. In addition, it is important to us that ecologically sound working conditions contribute to employee satisfaction.  The energy efficiency of our own buildings and building technology, as well as of our vehicle fleet, is continously being enhanced while still achieving cost-effective operation. 
Taking into account various ecological and economical factors, we achieve this by applying means that reflect the state of the art.  Regular checks verify the effectiveness of our measures and  ecological risks are mitigated by emergency preparedness.


We give priority to suppliers who are aware of their responsibility for the environment and who work according to ecological principles. Our contractual partners are included in our efforts to achieve continuous improvements in environmental protection.  We expect them to be committed to avoiding environmental damage.  Suitable selection criteria ensure that our most important partners are able to apply our environmental conservation policies.  We check the ecological impact of products and encourage our suppliers to avoid environmental risks where necessary.


It is our employees, with their enthusiasm and pioneering spirit, who have turned our environmental goals into a guiding principle to live by. Therefore, we make every effort to empower our employees to support us in the application of our environmental policy. Our employees assume a high degree of personal responsbility for the environment and strive to continuously improve the ecological performance of our products, systems and pocesses. By providing expert advice, they also support our customers in their efforts to reduce energy consumption and emissions. 
Environmental awareness and expertise are essential to achieve our environmental goals.  Ecological policies, comprehensive and accurate information and continuous education create an awareness of environmental issues.