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Fit and economical at the same time

Fit and economical at the same time

Hoval Belaria fit heat pump: the right solution for every large-scale project

Hoval is now offering the market an efficient heat pump for mid-range operation: the new Belaria fit air/water heat pump is available with two performance levels. It can be operated at up to 1.4 megawatts either as a standalone unit or cascaded as part of a modular configuration – including in hybrid systems.

Warm in summer, cold in winter – the required heating and cooling capacity of a building changes with the seasonal temperature fluctuations.
The Belaria fit air/water heat pump optimises its output to meet prevailing heat demand. As a standalone unit, it is capable of reaching heating outputs of up to 85 kW. The inverter technology used enables this capacity to be modu-lated in the range from 40 to 100%. This means that both heating and cooling capacity are optimised to meet prevail-ing requirements and the power consumption of compressors and fans is reduced in partial load operation. The unit switches on and off less frequently and also works more evenly.

Modular options

The modular concept of the Belaria fit facilitates efficient operation adapted to meet requirements in a wide operating range: this heat pump can be operated in cascades involving up to 16 machines
...says product manager Kevin Allenspach. For example, four Belaria fit heat pumps in a cascade are capable of adapting heat output between 38 and 340 kW to meet prevailing requirements, corresponding to a modulation range of 1 : 9. 

Multiple Belaria fit units in a cascade also increase operational reliability through both redundancy of heat generators and the flexibility and scalability of the modular system. Hybrid systems to which the Belaria fit is added in combina-tion with an additional heat generator for peak output offer particularly attractive price/performance ratios. This means that the unit is also suitable for hybrid renovation solutions.

Hybrid systems with renewable energy

Belaria® fit and UltraGas®2
Hybrid solutions delivering ecological and economic benefits which also comply with specifications for renewable energy quotas can also be planned with the Belaria fit. 
“The use of the Belaria fit in a hybrid system – together with an UltraGas boiler, for example – enables an annual energy consumption of approximately 80% to be achieved by the heat pump with just 50% heating load,” product manager Kevin Allenspach goes on to explain. In addition to the benefits of efficient operation, this makes eligibility for public funding a possibility.

Sustainable refrigerant

The Belaria fit operates with R32 refrigerant. The favourable greenhouse properties of this refrigerant make it a solution that is fit for the future. Moreover, the volumetric refrigerating capacity of R32 is very high – approx. 1.6 times higher than that of R410A refrigerant, for example – enabling the unit to achieve high levels of performance in both cooling and heating operation. 

A hydrophile coating on the evaporator blades improves cleaning, increases heat exchange performance and reduc-es defrosting time. This coating also protects the evaporator against corrosion and seawater.

As well as benefiting from efficient, modular and economic operation, Belaria fit customers also have the advantage that Hoval is able to design and deliver all of the components of the heating system.

About Hoval

As a specialist in heating and climate technology, Hoval is your experienced partner for system solutions. You can heat water with the sun’s energy and your rooms with oil, gas, wood or a heat pump, for example. Hoval ties together the various technologies and also integrates room ventilation into the system. You can be sure to save both energy and costs while protecting the environment. 

Hoval is internationally known as one of the leading suppliers of heating and indoor climate control solutions. More than 75 years of experience continuously motivate us to design innovative system solutions. We export complete systems for heating, cooling and ventilation to more than 50 countries.

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. Energy efficiency is at the heart of the heating and ventilation systems we design and develop.



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