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Fresh air at all times in the “green building”

Virovitica, Croatia

Fresh air at all times in the “green building”

Virovitica, Croatia

A sign of the future: the Pannonian wood competence centre in Virovitica in Croatia was built according to “green building” principles. There is no better match for this paragon of sustainability than an indoor climate system with decentralised units.

  • Production Hall
  • New Building
  • Indoor Climate System

Wood is an ideal material for all kinds of tasks – including economic development. Ivana Filipović and the European Union are well aware of this. That is why the Pannonian wood competence centre is almost 100% funded through the EU's Structural and Investment Fund. Ivana Filipović is the director of the centre: 

We connect the academic, public and private sectors. We support the wood industry and serve as an innovation and development centre for wood processing companies

The wood competence centre in the Croatian city of Virovitica near the border with Hungary has a fully equipped production hall and can also advise on financial matters. It is said to be the largest project ever supported by the EU Structural and Investment Fund. The construction costs amount to 45 million kuna in total – around 7 million Swiss francs or 6 million euros.


Perfectly integrated into the plant-covered roof

The roof ventilation units blend perfectly into the green roof of the buillding

Unsurprisingly, the centre is constructed from wood and has a striking appearance. In the middle of the green roof are two RoofVent roof ventilation units that blend perfectly into the surroundings.


They give added significance to our whole story. We want to ensure the highest possible energy efficiency in all areas.

Inside the Pannonian wood competence centre, there are two TopVent recirculation air units mounted on the ceiling.

Complete system without ventilation ducts

RoofVent and TopVent combine to form an efficient decentralised indoor climate system. As the units are decentralised, there is no need for ventilation ducts which might otherwise get in the way of work in the production hall. And there are no draughts either – just a constant supply of fresh air at the desired temperature.

We barely notice the ventilation system, but we always have the right climate conditions in the hall.