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Hoval Energy Recovery. Economical, reliable, competent.

Hoval develops and produces components for heat, cold and moisture recovery for today and tomorrow.

The systems are used in ventilation systems and in process technology. They use energy several times and thus achieve considerable savings.

Crossflow plate heat exchanger

Counterflow plate heat exchanger

Rotary heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger in cross-flow and counter-flow principle

Plate heat exchangers transfer energy through thin separating plates. The warm and cold air streams pass each other in crossflow. Energy is transferred between the air streams purely by heat conduction as a result of the temperature difference.

Rotary heat exchanger with standard, enthalpy and sorption coating

Rotary heat exchangers transfer energy through a rotating storage mass, which is alternately heated by one air stream and cooled by the other. They can transfer both temperature and moisture between air streams. 

The recovery of heat from used air is state-of-the-art technology today and is legally required in many countries. As a pioneer in this area, Hoval recognised the enormous savings potential and developed powerful products as early as the 1970s.

Thomas Richter
Head of Product Management  Energy Recovery